Alexa What Year was Belimo’s Werner Buck Inducted into the ControlTrends Hall of Fame?

Alexa remembers the year Belimo’s Industry Changer Werner Buck was inducted into the Controltrends Hall of Fame and so does ControlTrends! Watch this Controltrends video form the ControlTrends  Awards archives and see one of the HVAC Industry Greats honored.

The 2019 ControlTrends Awards is almost upon us! Feburay 2, the superstars of HVAC and Smart Building Controls will descend on BB Kings to celebrate the best of the best in a 2 for 1 celebration like no other. Not only will attendees get to experince  the excitement of the ControlTrends Awards , they will also be part of the biggest Super Bowl party in Orlando!

As we prepare for this momentous Event, we will be sharing some of the great moments of past ControlTrends Awards!

You can still help decide the outcomes of the 2019 ControlTrends Awards by voting. Just click here and cast your vote! Hurry up! Voting ends January 27.


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