Building Intelligence Group (BIG): Pioneering the Future of Intelligent Commercial Buildings

Therese Sullivan and Larry Andriunas introduce us to the Building Intelligence Group, BIG.

In the ever-evolving world of commercial building solutions, there’s one organization that stands out for its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and education: the Building Intelligence Group (BIG). But what is BIG, and why is it making waves in the industry? Read on to uncover the secrets behind this groundbreaking association.


BIG: More Than Just a Name

BIG, which stands for Building Intelligence Group, is not merely a trade association. It’s a powerhouse dedicated to promoting intelligent commercial building solutions across both national and local levels. Their ultimate goal? To bring together the brightest minds and forward-thinkers in the industry, driving value and smart solutions for everyone involved.

A Mission to Educate, Support, and Connect

One of BIG’s primary objectives is education. They believe in a cross-disciplinary approach to learning, ensuring that all stakeholders in the built environment benefit. Whether you’re an occupant, a building operator, or an innovator in intelligent building solutions, BIG provides the resources and networking opportunities to enhance your understanding and contribution to the industry.

Advocating for Open Systems and Collaboration

At the heart of BIG’s values lies a strong advocacy for open systems. By championing this cause, they ensure that end-users have ample choice in technology and service providers. No more being locked into a single provider; with BIG’s guidance, the power of choice is back in the hands of the users. Moreover, BIG fosters collaboration among project teams, setting the groundwork for intelligent, interconnected buildings of the future.

Integrity, Innovation, and Collaboration: The BIG Ethos

When you delve deeper into BIG’s values, three pillars stand out: integrity, innovation, and collaboration. These are not just buzzwords; they represent the very essence of what BIG is all about. By focusing on internal and end-user communication, they consistently demonstrate value to all players in the ecosystem.

Membership, Sponsorship, and Local Communities

Thinking of joining the BIG community? The organization offers a plethora of membership and sponsorship opportunities. What’s even more enticing is their local chapter presence, allowing members to foster a sense of community and receive localized support.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

The best way to gauge an organization’s impact is through the voices of its members. BIG’s testimonials illuminate the myriad of positive experiences shared by those in the community. This is a testament to their effective approach and the tangible benefits they bring to the industry.

As you hear in this video, Larry and Therese are both big fans.

Stay in the Loop with BIG

Want to stay informed with the latest happenings at BIG? They offer a subscription option, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with their latest activities, innovations, and opportunities.

The Building Intelligence Group (BIG) is not just an organization; it’s a movement. A movement that aims to shape the future of intelligent commercial buildings. By advocating for open systems, fostering collaboration, and emphasizing education, BIG is ensuring a brighter, smarter future for all stakeholders in the built environment. Whether you’re looking to join, sponsor, or simply learn, BIG welcomes all with open arms.

Optimize your building’s intelligence with BIG today!


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