Catching Up with Functional Devices at IBcon 2023

What is up ControlPro?

So, I recently had an awesome chat with the President of Functional Devices, Mark Fernandes, and also got to hang with Ryan Smith. We totally geeked out over their cool products, and had some fun. Let me tell you, the guys with the cool hair, they’ve got some serious game!

Functional Devices is all about building automation and lighting control applications, and they’ve got a whole lineup of awesome devices to back it up. The best part? Everything is made right here in the good ol’ US of A.

One product that really caught my eye was their EMC current sensor. Mark showed me all the ins and outs of it, and let me just say, it’s pretty darn impressive.

Curious to know more? Let me break it down for you in this video.

Here is a summary of some of the products offered by Mark and the team at Functional Devices:

RIB® Relays:

Functional Devices offers a variety of RIB relays, which are known for their reliability and convenience. These relays are widely used in panels by HVAC and building automation technicians. They are easy to use and can save time during installation.

Current Sensors:

Functional Devices provides a wide variety of current sensors, transducers, and sensor/relay combos that are prepackaged to simplify installation. These sensors are designed to monitor electrical current in a circuit and can be used for various applications.

AC and DC Power Supplies:

The company offers AC and DC power supplies for different needs. These power supplies provide electrical power to other devices in a controlled manner, ensuring smooth operation.

Intelligent Field Devices:

Functional Devices offers intelligent field devices that are used in building automation systems. These devices can monitor and control various parameters in a building, such as temperature, humidity, and occupancy.

Custom Peripheral Devices:

Functional Devices also specializes in manufacturing custom peripheral devices for specific applications. These devices are designed to work seamlessly with other building automation and lighting control systems.


The company provides transformers for different voltage requirements. Transformers are used to step up or step down voltage levels to match the needs of specific devices or systems.

Power Control:

Functional Devices offers power control devices that help manage and regulate electrical power in building automation systems. These devices ensure safe and efficient power distribution.

UPS Power Supplies:

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Functional Devices offers UPS power supplies that provide backup power during electrical outages. This helps prevent disruptions in critical building automation and lighting control systems.

Wireless Devices:

Functional Devices provides wireless devices that enable communication and control without the need for wired connections. These devices offer flexibility and convenience in building automation and lighting control applications.

Enclosures and Mounting Track:

The company offers enclosures and mounting tracks to house and organize various devices and components in building automation and lighting control systems. These products ensure proper installation and protection of equipment.

In addition to their building automation products, Functional Devices also offers a variety of products specifically for lighting control applications, including UL924 emergency lighting bypass/shunt relays, UL924 inverters, EnOcean® enabled wireless relays, transmitters and sensors, closet light controllers, and ballast lighting fixture controllers.

That seems to be about everything the savvy control pro needs to complete a control job. If they are missing anything, please let me know it comments… Thanks again, Mark and Ryan… so jealous of your hair.

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