Embracing the Future of Smart Buildings with Kode Labs

Join me in Episode 420 of ControlTalk Now The HVAC and Smart Buildings Control Videocast and Podcast where I have an engaging conversation with Etrit Demaj, the co-founder of Kode Labs, one of the leading providers of smart building control systems.

In this episode, Etrit shares his inspiring journey from leaving his war-torn country to establishing a successful business in the United States. Together with his brother Eddie, they saw a gap in the market for deploying smart building control systems through the cloud – an idea many were skeptical about. Their determination and innovative mindset led them to form Kode Labs, a company that continues to redefine smart building controls.

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Embracing the Future of Smart Buildings with Kode Labs

The world of building control systems has been irrevocably transformed with the advent of cloud-based technologies. Leading the charge in this exciting new space is Kode Labs, an innovative company that’s reshaping how we manage and interact with our buildings. With a unique open platform approach, Kode Labs is creating new opportunities for building consultants, real estate operators, and system integrators.

The Journey of Kode Labs: A Tale of Innovation and Determination

At the helm of Kode Labs are Etrit Demaj and his brother Eddie, whose journey to success is nothing short of inspirational. Their story starts in their war-torn home country, from where they migrated to the United States. Upon identifying a gap in the market, they set out on a quest to revolutionize the building control systems industry.

Through sheer determination and forward-thinking, the Demaj brothers successfully introduced smart building control systems through the cloud, a move that many were skeptical about. Yet, their innovative approach proved successful, leading to the formation of Kode Labs.

Kode Labs’ Innovative Smart Building Software

Kode Labs’ main product is their revolutionary Smart Building Software. This software is designed to future-proof your portfolio, utilizing an open platform approach to enhance operations. Here’s a detailed look at what makes Kode Labs’ software stand out:

Organizing Data for Smarter Operations

The Smart Building Software is a game-changer in data organization. It’s designed to collect and interpret portfolio data in a way that makes operations smarter, simpler, and more cost-effective. By enhancing data visibility, building operators can make more informed decisions, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Building Analytics for Optimized Operations

A cornerstone of Kode Labs’ software is the Building Analytics feature. This tool allows for the thorough analysis of various building metrics to optimize operations. With this feature, operators can monitor energy consumption, occupancy patterns, temperature settings, and more, leading to more efficient building operations.

Mobile Reporting & Control for Enhanced Accessibility

With Kode Labs’ Smart Building Software, you can monitor and control building systems from your mobile device. This feature offers unprecedented convenience, giving users the ability to adjust settings and track building performance from anywhere, at any time.

The Open Platform Approach: An Invitation to Collaborate

A key component of Kode Labs’ philosophy is their commitment to an Open Platform approach. This approach allows for interoperability and collaboration with other systems and software, broadening the possibilities for integrators and consultants.

By allowing third-party integrations, Kode Labs’ software provides a flexible, comprehensive solution that can be tailored to meet specific needs. This feature helps reduce the time and cost associated with managing multiple, incompatible systems, making Kode Labs’ software a go-to choice for many industry professionals.

Kode Labs: Future-Proofing Portfolios

Through their innovative Smart Building Software and open platform approach, Kode Labs is paving the way for the future of smart building control systems. By enhancing operations and simplifying data management, their software is future-proofing portfolios across the globe.

Whether you’re a building consultant, a real estate operator, or a system integrator, Kode Labs’ software offers features and benefits that make your job easier and more efficient. With options like Mobile Reporting & Control and Building Analytics, along with the flexibility of third-party integrations, Kode Labs is changing the game in smart building technology.

In the words of Etrit Demaj himself, “Innovation is not just about new ideas. It’s about making life better.” And indeed, Kode Labs is doing just that — making life better for those in the building control systems industry.

At Kode Labs, the future is now. Embrace it with their revolutionary Smart Building Software. For more information or to request a demo, visit their website or contact them directly at

If you’re as passionate about smart building technologies as the team at Kode Labs, you’ll be thrilled to know they’re hiring. Join a team that’s shaping the future and making buildings smarter one cloud-based system at a time. The future is smart, and the future is Kode Labs.



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