Episode 425 ControlTalk Now: The New Realities in HVAC and BAS Marketing

In Episode 425 of ControlTalk Now, we are joined by Brian Collins, the Marketing Manager at OpSys Solutions in Auckland, New Zealand. Brian is a marketing expert in the HVAC and Smart Buildings Industry, and he has a keen understanding of the evolving preferences of today’s consumers. In our conversation, we explore the balance between traditional and modern marketing strategies. Additionally, Brian enlightens us on how OpSys Solutions‘ tenant override solution, 7Nox, can help customers save money. Tune in for valuable insights and practical solutions in the world of marketing and technology.

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Smart Building Controls: Pioneering Savings and Sustainability

Introducing the practical concept of tenant override systems: meet 7Nox. These systems provide localized control for tenants who need to work late, allowing them to adjust settings according to their work needs. Running HVAC systems after hours can be costly. That’s why systems like 7Nox record and bill for the equipment usage during these times, ensuring that only clients working after hours are charged. By doing so, building owners can keep their rates competitive without spreading the cost to all tenants. The best part? Setting up a tenant override system like 7Nox is quick and easy, and can even be done using a smartphone.

More Marketing Gems From Brian:

Balancing Customer Input and Visionary Design

Brian emphasized the importance of striking a balance between customer input and visionary design in the HVAC and smart building sector. While customer feedback provides valuable insights, visionary design ensures that products meet future needs and technological trends. Incorporating both aspects into marketing messaging showcases a commitment to customer satisfaction while signaling innovation and future readiness.

Marketers as Professional Consumers

Brian had a very interesting observation: “In the age of hyper-personalization, marketers are now professional consumers”, understanding products inside-out to cater to customers’ needs better. HVAC marketers need to embody this role, translating complex technical features into understandable benefits for potential customers. By doing so, they bridge the knowledge gap and make the decision-making process easier for buyers.

The Power of Product Perception

Product perception plays a pivotal role in marketing success, especially in technology-driven industries like HVAC. Customers often associate quality, reliability, and value with their perception of a product. HVAC marketers should focus on crafting a strong brand image and positioning their products as solutions that not only deliver tangible results but also align with customers’ aspirations for modern, efficient, and sustainable living.

Drawing Inspiration from Apple’s Advertising Mastery

Apple stands out as a prime example of a company that excels in advertising and brand perception. Their campaigns resonate with audiences by focusing on the experience and emotions associated with their products. HVAC marketers can learn from Apple’s approach by emphasizing the transformational impact of their products on customers’ lives and workplaces, rather than just listing technical specifications.

Translating Innovation into Tangible Benefits

In a rapidly changing landscape, HVAC marketers must translate technical innovation into tangible benefits that resonate with customers. Brian emphasized the significance of clearly communicating how these innovations directly address pain points and offer practical solutions. Whether it’s energy savings, improved indoor air quality, or streamlined maintenance, the messaging should emphasize real-world advantages.

The Path Forward: Growth Through Marketing Mastery

As the podcast discussion highlighted, the HVAC and smart building industry is poised for remarkable growth, fueled by innovative marketing strategies. To leverage this potential, businesses need to embrace a holistic approach to marketing that considers customer feedback, visionary design, and effective communication of product benefits. By learning from success stories like Apple’s and harnessing the power of product perception, the industry can reach new heights.

In conclusion, the podcast episode with Brian Collins shed light on the dynamic landscape of HVAC and smart building controls marketing. Tenant override systems like 7Nox are leading the charge in transforming the industry by saving money and enhancing tenant satisfaction. The marketing strategies discussed, from balancing customer input to drawing inspiration from successful brands, offer valuable insights for HVAC businesses aiming to make their mark. As the industry continues to evolve, mastering these strategies will undoubtedly propel businesses forward and contribute to their sustained success.


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