Episode 350 ControlTalk NOW features Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings February, 2020 Editorial Theme: “Born Again Connected”

“It’s an understanding that’s completely changed my life, about how our thinking is separate from who we truly are. We are not our thoughts. Nope, quite the opposite. We have a constant stream of thoughts meandering through our minds. That’s part of being human. However, we get to choose which of those to engage with.” Ken Sinclair

On the journey to truly open systems, the first thing we have to open is our minds, unhinge our biases, simply said, “get out of your head.”

In his February edition of Automated Buildings, Ken Aristotle Sinclair introduces (possibly, for the first time) metaphysics into the world of Building Automation: “I struggle daily with how old would I be if I did not know the day I was born? Perception of our reality is everything we need, a method to disconnect from all that we perceive and imagine ourselves “Born Again Connected.” Great stuff!  Read all of it!

4 Ways FIN can help System Integrators Make Money

As a System Integrator, there is a wide choice of suppliers for building automation and software products (at the AHR show there’s an entire section called Building Automation showcase). While you may already have a go-to solution, the industry is changing quite fast so there are new options out there that can help make you more money. Read more »


In case you missed it…


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