Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings April 2015 Theme: Attracting Self-Learning Assets

KenSinclair+IBcon Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings April 2015 Theme: Attracting Self-Learning Assets opens with an earnest editorial plea to rally our industry’s focus and resources to better address the serious challenge of getting enough young people interested and up-to-speed within our industry by availing autodidactic (self-directed learning) tools and applying Peter Thiel’s principle of “learning before university.”

In Ken’s own words: “Please join me on my crusade to help our industry attract more self-learning assets to build our industry stronger and younger. I have many words written on the changes we need to make this happen. It all started with the realization that people are our only asset, which led to my quick realization of our need as an industry to attract Self-Learning Assets. From this article comes the concept that as long as we can find folks willing to self-educate we can quickly backfill the tremendous need for good people in our industry.”

The full list Automated Buildings’ April Articles:

Talent Attraction & Retention
Paul Oswald, ESI

Haystack Why Should I Attend?
The IBB mystery drummer

Smart Building Spending to Triple
Karina Wright, Reliable Controls

10 Reasons for Smarter, Unified BCS
Geoff Olsen, Distech Controls

Building Operations Opportunities
Jim Sinopoli, Smart Buildings LLC

Easy Wins in Building Data Collection
Stephen Dawson-Haggerty, Building Robotics

Making Device Data Self-Describing
Marc Petock, Lynxspring & Connexx Energy

Haystack Enabled Energy Efficiency
Kevin J. Tock, Enerliance

The Mockingjay in Nest
Therese Sullivan, BuildingContext Ltd

Unlocking Energy Efficiency with Haystack
Christopher Naismith, SES Consulting Inc

BI Solutions for Building Automation
Roy Kok, Ocean Data Systems

Future of the Security Business
Allan McHale, Memoori

Deadly Sins of Facility Energy Management
David Doll, OSIsoft


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