Tim’s Tech Tip: Setting Up a Kreuter “Stop Sign” VAV Controller

In this extensive training video, Stromquist & Company’s, Tim Chamblee teaches you step-by-step how to control a VAV box with the Kreuter pneumatic VAV controller. There are hundreds of thousands of the KMC CSC3011 series of pneumatic VAV controllers. Thanks to Tim, we know how to set them up, calibrate, and troubleshoot these pneumatic VAV controllers.

Tim’s Tech Tips: Understanding Chiller Surge

“Just the Facts ma’am.” No, it’s not Joe Friday from the 70’s television series Dragnet, it’s Stromquist & Company’s,Tim Chamblee. Tim in addition to being a super star salesman for Stromquist & Company is one of the best trainers in the country. In this excerpt, from one of Tim’s chiller classes, Tim gives you “the facts” you need to know about Chiller Surge. Knowledge is power. In this episode of Tim’s Tech tips, he gives you a 357 worth of chiller knowledge to take to a knife fight.

Chiller Classes at Stromquist & Company: Meet the Instructor

For those of you who do not know, Stromquist & Company now offers a two day chiller class. The first class is full and we have added two more chiller classes. The next Atlanta class is scheduled for Nov 2,3 and a Tampa class will be held Oct 11-12 so let’s meet your instructor. [Read more…]