Carl Johnsen, and His Amazing 43 Year Career with Honeywell — A Tribute

ControlTrends had a chance to spend some time with one of the great controls people in the HVAC and Building Automation Controls Industry. Carl Johnsen’s career with Honeywell spans 43 years, and it was an absolute delight to interview Carl at the 2015 AHR show in Chicago. From his early days selling and supporting pneumatic controls, to the advent of DDC controls, on to the fully integrated building automation control systems of today, Carl Johnsen met the challenges of changing technology with determined optimism and success. Carl Johnsen’s enduring personal commitment and professional contributions, rendered both to the HVAC industry at large, and individually, to each of his customers — are immeasurable, and greatly regarded and respected. Carl Johnsen has set standards by which others in our industry will be measured. And in the words of another industry icon, when a person like Carl Johnsen does retire, an inestimable amount of “tribal knowledge” will leave the building when Carl walks out it doors. Best regards, Carl. You will be missed.

Honeywell’s Carl Johnsen from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

Rob Allen’s 7 Minutes in Control: Neptronic’s EVC Controller — Low Cost, High Performance VAV

This ultra-informative episode of Rob Allen’s 7 Minute in Control reviews the Neptronic EVC Conroller. Neptronic offers an exceptional low cost, high performance stand-alone or BACnet MS/TP, VAV solution — that works! The EVC products are geared for the Light Commercial Contractor, DDC Controls Contractors, and the savvy end-user customer. NO sign-up fees, NO sales minimums, and NO training requirements, Neptronic’s VAV low cost solution features easy to configure, drop-down menu programming.

Rick Warner Shares His Knowledge on ControlTalk

A special thanks to the very knowledgeable and informative Rick Warner from OME Facility Solutions. Ken and Eric talk to Rick about a variety of relevant topics, from the systems integrator of the future, to the must read book on innovation, to how to find and hire the right talent to be successful in today’s competitive building automation, and the DDC controls market. Rick is one of the brightest minds in our industry and we are very grateful for his willingness to share his expertise and insight.

Mike Marston and Easy IO’s Beast from the East — A Paradigm Game Changer

the Beast from the EastControlTrends Awards thanks Easy IO for their Platinum Sponsorship for the 2013 CTA Awards Show to be held at the BB King Blues Café in NYC, January 21, 2014. The EasyIO 30P-SF was the 2012 Building Automation Controller of the Year. Knowing Mike Marston’s passion for success and EasyIO’s commitment to excellence, the ControlTrends Community will see much more of EasyIO in this year’s competitions.

Excerpt from Mike Marston’s ControlTrends 2012 interview: [Read more…]

Going Wireless: Why run wire when you can go Wireless and save? Find out how !

Wireless technology has advanced so much in the last few years and the acceptance and value of these controls is gaining immeasurably. All phases of the market have now been touched by wireless thermostats, controllers, and sensors including industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

[Read more…]

How to set up a Johnson Controls FX20 DDC Control Part 1

Our friend Kelly did these great videos on how to set up a Johnson Controls FX20 Building automation control. Using the FX Tools Kelly shows just how easy it is to connect to and program a Johnson FX20 control.

Look for more “how to videos” from Kelly on controltrends. For more information on Kelly’s online training program go to his website.

Stromquist Radio Interviews Brian Turner from Control Co

Eric interviews the innovative Brian Turner from Control Co. Eric and Brian discuss everything from “open systems” and how a building owner can make sure they get a great integration job to the beautiful graphical interface that Control Co developed called prophetsuite. Check out this interview for the latest trends in building automation controls.

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Open Protocols Part I

I think we would all be a little frustrated if we had to use a separate radio for each station we listen to.  Before open protocol architecture, this scenario is similar to what end users of DDC systems had to do. It wasn’t uncommon to walk into an engineer’s office and see an array of monitors spread across the desk. Not only was this unsightly, it was expensive to maintain.  As time went on, the attempt to solve this problem with custom drivers that could talk to proprietary systems failed miserably. It was messy and costly to reverse engineer, and the manufacturer would make changes that would break these bridges to freedom.  In addition, once an equipment manufacturer was in the building with their product, it was next to impossible to get them out. Thus began the true motivation behind an open protocol.

By its most general definition, open protocol is the property of public domain. This means that there is no physical ownership, and it’s free for anyone who wants to develop it. To achieve success in such an open standard would require not only a free-for-all mentality, but also a robust, intuitive and flexible approach to building automation solutions.

Over the next several posts I will dive into what types of open protocols the industry has to offer. We will look at their strengths and weaknesses and talk about what the future has in store for open communications within the building automation industry.

Integrating Energy Management with Access Controls: Part Two

Roger ericEric continues his conversation with Roger Rebennack. In the second part of this two part interview, Roger speaks in more detail about Honeywell’s WEBS AX security offering, what it takes for a HVAC contractor to be successful as a systems integrator, and why a building owner should look to Honeywell’s product offering for all their building automation needs.

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