What To Do When a Master Systems Integrator Wants To Put All Your Systems on a Single Pane of Glass

Somethings are great in theory but are disastrous in reality. Bringing all your building systems under one front end, or “single pane of glass,” is one of those things that sounds great, but does it really work? What are the pitfalls? The unintended consequences? The benefits?

In this video John Guardiola,from Bedrock, and Jason Houck, Hepta Systems, answer these questions and offer perspectives and advice that are priceless. John, the vice president of Engineering and Sustainability, walks us through why Bedrock made the decision to bring all their disparate building operating systems under one platform, how they chose to work with Hepta Systems, and the benefits and savings that have been realized from this move.

ControlTrends Awards “Young Gun,” and Master Systems Integrator extraordinaire, Jason Houck, from Hepta Systems, talks about the challenges and best practices needed to complete and exceed expectations on a project of this size and scope. Jason even offers suggestions on the best way for owners to qualify a master systems integrator for smart buildings controls projects of this type.

Great job guys!


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