New Belimo Energy Valve Fights Low Delta T Syndrome! The Sarah Connor Control Chronicles

Water coil performance has just been beamed into future! 

I’m Sarah Connor, and this edition of the Sarah Connor Control Chronicles, puts the newest product release from Belimo front and center in our quest to save the planet from energy inefficiencies.


Introducing the Belimo Energy Valve!

Stromquist is excited to supply this two-way pressure independent control valve.  It optimizes, documents, and proves water coil performance.  Do you need an effective solution to Low Delta T Syndrome?  This unique new product combines patented technology to create the new standard in smart valves.  There is so much to tell you that it is hard to decide where to start, so first let’s talk about the problem, then we will look at how the Belimo Energy Valve works, and then we will conclude with the amazing benefits this product offers.


Old coils mean a growing waste zone.

Overall system efficiency depends upon achieving an ideal amount of heat transfer in the coil, but aging coils or those with airside or waterside fouling are causing the coil to reach its power saturation point way before the maximum flow is reached.  So the waste zone, the range beyond the power saturation point, grows as the coil ages.  To save the future from energy inefficiencies, you must team up with Sarah Connor to combat the Waste Zone enemy!


And how do we combat the “Waste Zone” enemy?

All of you Controls experts know the strategy…  We first need to acquire the data, then we analyze it, we optimize, and then benchmark, right?  Until now, measuring, monitoring, and controlling that data was very difficult.


Belimo’s Energy Valve is the answer in the fight against the Waste Zone enemy!

This new pressure independent control valve does it all.  Look at the five parts that combine to create the total solution:

  • Actuator.  With its integrated Windows operating system, it stores up to 13 months of data, and using a T delta manager algorithm, it communicates to the SL module on the flow sensor.
  • Network Support. We just love how everything talks together, supporting BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP,TCP/IP, and MP-bus.
  • Valve Body. It’s a two-way characteristic ball valve with a cast iron valve body and a ductile iron flow body. (2 ½ – 6”, 127-713 GPM. ANSI 125)  It will handle chilled or hot water, and up to 50% glycol.
  • Flow Sensor.  There are no moving parts or openings to jam, so this electromagnetic flow sensor requires no maintenance.  It’s offers amazing +-2% accuracy with the reliability you need.
  • Temperature Sensors.  This is not your basic thermistor.  These resistive temperature detectors (RTD) are much more accurate, and the remote sensor is installed and provided on the thermo well on the opposite side of the coil.


All the information you need is easily available:

Web-based paramaterization tools offer real-time data and configuration as well as live trending. When you experience the quick programming, quick reconfiguring, and fast commissioning on the local display, you will feel like you have seen the future! The reporting capabilities are unlimited, with power curves, charts, and graphs that even include trending for up to 13 months of data.  Want even more?  You can import and export .csv files to an Excel tool.


So what does this mean for the end user?

The list of benefits for the Belimo Energy Valve open up a whole new world of reduction in maintenance and operating costs.  The data provides a transparent maintenance picture, so that maintenance can be scheduled based upon performance.  And once repairs and maintenance are made, reporting validates that the system is once again performing as expected.  Low Delta T Syndrome is diagnosed, and then the fix is effectively validated.  Even better, this helps release existing chiller plant capacity for future expansion.


Hydronic system knowledge means power, and that knowledge is best collected and reported by using the new Belimo Energy Valve!  There is so much more to tell.  Are you ready to learn more?  Click these links for additional information on how the Belimo Energy Valve is the latest answer in our quest to end energy inefficiencies! And remember that the experts at Stromquist are your partners, making sure you have the information and support you need.



2 Responses

  1. I’d love to hear about how you plan to use this new Energy Valve. Please share you ideas here!

  2. No moving parts and trending OMG. Skynet is taking over.
    Ice plants with actuators with no feed back and when they fail you are stuck with why? I can see many uses with new Energy Valve. Very nice Sarah.

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