Easy I/O Training Pt 3: Setting up a JACE

In this video on Easy I/O see how to set up a JACE for use with the Sedona.

Do you have mad skills when it comes to programming EASY I/O controllers? Tell the Controltrends community who you are in comments. Controltrends viewers are all over the world so by leaving a comment with a link to your website or company Facebook page they can find you more easily.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been working in the controls industry for 10 years now. I think Sedona is the right direction at the right time and EasyIO is the front-runner in its hardware implementation.

    I really enjoy programming in the Sedona environment via Workbench and am studying the Sedona language – finding any excuse to make a custom kit.

  2. Eddie, Thanks for the comments. Sedona is really cool. Glad to hear you are enjoying working with the Sedona language. Eddie if you like leave a link to your website in case any of our viewers needs to install some EASY I/O
    and needs a good company to do the programming. Thanks again.

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