Introducing Control Trends Award Nominee CAN2GO

CTA Awards Presents CAN2GO UN2 as one of the 5 Finalists for the 2012 Control Trends Building Automation Controller of the Year.  The following is from CAN2GO:

The CAN2GO UN2 universal controller is one of the most powerful and versatile zone controllers on the market.

It is fully programmable to manage a wide variety of HVAC, Lighting and Metering applications. It has 6 inputs (universal) and 6 outputs (2 relay, 4 analog), with 2 Modbus connectors. It can also manage wireless devices based on the EnOcean and ZigBee wireless protocols. Each UN2 supports  bidirectional communication with a total of 128 EnOcean points, and can manage up to 10 ZigBee devices.

This combination of wired and wireless inputs and outputs allows system integrators to always choose the most cost-effective retrofit methods. If wiring is difficult or too costly (because of concrete walls, conduit requirements or other obstacles), they can substitute the usual wired switch, relay, actuator or sensor with a wireless equivalent from dozens of manufacturers. In addition to reducing labor and materials costs, the use of wireless communication reduces facility inconvenience and downtime. This is a big advantage for occupants, facility managers and building owners, especially in key market verticals such as offices, schools, hotels and retail locations.

Just like with zone control, the UN2 offers wired and wireless networking options. The UN2 can network in clusters of up to 25 units, either via daisy-chain, wireless ZigBee mesh, or direct connection to the local area network (LAN). One UN2 per network needs to be connected to the LAN to enable management of the system. Multiple networks of 25 can be managed under the same system or under a third party BACnet system.

Besides its combined wired and wireless capabilities, the UN2 offers another unique feature: each unit has an embedded gateway and web server. Therefore, all the points – whether they are for HVAC, lighting or metering, and whether they are wired, Modbus, EnOcean or ZigBee – are all converted to BACnet points by the controller itself. No gateways are needed.

The web server, the icing on the cake, hosts the CAN2GO Web BEMS. This web interface enables system integrators to configure, program, manage and monitor their CAN2GO system using a simple web browser and without paying any software license fees. The Web BEMS can be accessed locally via the LAN or remotely using an internet connection. It supports all commonly used BACnet functions and objects including graphical programming, scripting, events, schedules, PID loops, trend logs, alarms and more. It also offers customizable dashboards to quickly view key metrics.

If a building already has a BACnet system, or in a retrofit situation where the system integrator prefers using his usual BACnet system, the CAN2GO will simply push all the points to that BACnet system via the LAN. It will be seamless for the system integrator. Again, all of this is done by the UN2, no need for gateways.

Combining unparalleled wired and wireless options, as well as a no-license-fee Web BEMS with BACnet support, the UN2 is the missing link the industry has been waiting for. System integrators can use its wireless capabilities to reduce deployment time and costs. They can also use its Web BEMS to reduce the fixed costs (gateways, servers, software) of building automation in light-commercial and mid-market buildings.

Each UN2 has a 400MHz processor, 2GB of Flash for local storage and 64MB of RAM.


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