Product Review: Honeywell Delphi Boiler Control System Rocks !!

Check out this excerpt from an interview I did with Dave Krause on Control Talk. Dave is the Honeywell burner boiler specialist in the southeast and is one of the most knowledgable people in the country on the topic of
burners, boilers, and flame safeguard controls. In this video we discuss the revolutionary changes in combustion control with the advent of the new Honeywell Delphi burner boiler flame safeguard control system.

As you can see the Honeywell Delphi flame safeguard control system allows energy savings through exact control of gas/ air ratios through precise output signals based on flow curves. It also allows even more energy savings through the use of a variable frequency drive like the Honeywell NX Series. Add in the self diagnostics which reduce down time, remote communications capabilities, and the ability to interface with an existing building automation system and the Honeywell Delphi system pays for it self very quickly.
For a more detailed look at the Delphi system you can check out Matt’s video.
Stromquist & Company sold the first Honeywell Delphi Combustion systems in the country. We are pleased to report that the systems went in easily and the customer after almost two years is very happy with the Delphi system.
If you are in Georgia or Florida contact the control pros at Stromquist to get an on site survey of your boiler controls and find out how the Honeywell Delphi can save you time and money. If you are not in Georgia or Florida no problem and authorized Honeywell Flame safeguard distributor like the ones in Controls Group North America can help you with the amazing Honeywell Delphi Combustion Control System.


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