Replacing gas valves on furnaces and heaters

There are hundreds of furnace and heater manufacturers out there, yet there are only three main companies that make the gas valves for all these heaters. The companies that make the gas valves usually put a different part number on the valves for each of these heater companies. This makes finding the right replacement valve tricky.
Although you can go back to the manufacturer to buy replacement parts using the part number of the heater, you usually wind up paying a lot more for the valve and will have a hard time getting the valve shipped quickly.
The best choice is going to a local wholesaler like Stromquist & Company, or another company within CGNA ( Controls Group North America).
When you go to the local wholesaler don’t make the same mistake most people do. Most people take the part number off of the furnace, but we need the number off of the gas valve itself. In this video, Mark from Stromquist & Company will show you where it is.


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  1. This article is very misleading. Replacing the gas valve is not as simple as it makes it seem.
    If you don’t know how, and/or don’t have the correct tools and know how to make sure the new valve is calibrated correctly; you could not only greatly reduced the system’s life expectancy, but also create a highly hazardous situation. This is part of the reason why manufacturers make these parts as difficult to get as possible if you’re not a trained professional.

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