EasyIO’s Mike Marston is Excited about the Niagara Edge, and the Future!

EasyIO2 EasyIO’s Mike Marston provided ControlTrends with this Niagara 4 update, and Mike is very excited about EasyIO’s future: “I believe that EasyIO is the leader in BMS Edge and we have it today, with high speed I/O – yes, the FG Beast! Sedona is not dead, quite the opposite. We will be adding Tridium’s new Edge technology as soon as it comes available and we will also support Sedona.

Mike also described the EasyIO advantage: “Do you agree that an Edge device is better if it has freely programmable features with live wire sheets that can be updated and backed on the fly? – With Tridium we will also have Edge Based Analytics capability and this will change the game yet again, in my view! We are totally committed to Sedona, Tridium, Edge, J2 and Haystack and all of our excellent friends and customers. This is also means that now you will all get your N4 Plant Controller! We are ready now, talk to us!”


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  1. This product is great and would like to add this product should mentioned in technology college in the the UK like Uxbridge college that would make a big thing for students

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