Episode 199 ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending Sep 25, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending Sep 25, 2016 features Intelligent Buildings’ Director of Cyber Security, Fred Gordy, who details the exposure and vulnerability of Operational Technology, which run our buildings. Watch as Fred reviews, step by step — the hacker’s modus operandi. Sameer Pradhan, Director of ControlTrends India, updates the ControlTrends Community on India’s colossal Smart City imitative; Schneider Electric releases their new MG350 Smart Actuators with alarming features; Contemporary Controls’ newest network solution offers greater speed and diagnostics; Larry Andriunas takes the helm at Kodaro, LLC; and this week’s ControlTalk Rewind takes us back to the future with Ecorithm’s Dr. Igor Mezic and artificial intelligence.

CTN 199 Controltalk Now -The Smart Buildings Video Cast from Eric Stromquist on Vimeo.

MG350 SmartX Actuator offers great havoc control
MG350 SmartX Actuator offers great havoc control
Schneider Electric Has a Hit with The New MG350 SmartX Actuators. Awesome video and cool new actuator series from Schneider Electric. The SmartX MG 350 is the first NEW SmartX Actuator released globally. It is designed to control two and three-way globe valves in a wide range of applications. The MG350 SmartX Actuator is the platform for the future, acting as the foundation of both a SmartStruxure™ solution and SmartStruxure Lite solution. The critical information delivered by the actuator helps the BMS operate at optimal efficiency.

fredgordy3 ControlTalk NOW’s first interview is with Fred Gordy, Intelligent Building’s Director of Cyber Security. As our industry’s leading cyber security expert, Fred focuses on the specific vulnerabilities concerning Operational Technology, controllers on building networks that control the HVAC equipment and building systems and equipment versus Information Technology. Operational Technologies were designed for availability and comfort, which was suitable at the time, but when the need to share information across subnets made Broadcast BACnet Management Devices necessary, as well as using a public IP address, the security imperative was not factored into the equation. Watch this video! and, visit the NIST Cyber Security Framework website for basic recommendations to protect your Operational Technology.

Breaking News Key Shows Newsflash Broadcast OnlineLarry Andriunas Larry Andriunas announces the launch of Kodaro, LLC, a software development company which he will lead from California’s Bay Area. Operating in the building automation industry, Kodaro is hard at work creating ways to connect building controls through software drivers, software applications, and enterprise solutions. “I’m very excited about launching Kodaro,” said Andriunas, a 28-year building controls expert. “The building automation industry is at an interesting time where new technologies are finally converging. Kodaro will lead the way for innovation in support of contractors and integrators.”

sameer_4ControlTalk NOW’s second interview is with Director, ControlTrends India, Sameer Pradhan. Sameer Pradhan is also the Managing Director of CICC Automation Technologies, a leading international building automation systems provider. Sameer recently chaired a panel discussion on Smart Connected Intelligent Buildings — The Foundation for Smart Cities,” that discussed in great detail, the critical aspects of the smart city standard and its core component, the intelligent building. India has presently identified 60 cities that will be included in this massive initiative. Great update!

cc_eiskContemporary Controls: The Need for Speed and Diagnostics. Contemporary Controls is introducing the unmanaged EISK8-GT/H 8 port gigabit Ethernet switch with hub functionality. Yes, we purposely “broke” the address learning functionality of the switch so that all messages – directed, multicast, broadcast – are flooded to all ports on the switch allowing a protocol analyzer tool such as Wireshark® the ability to observe all traffic on the network.

Using Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings
How Using Artificial Intelligence in Smart Buildings will make them smarter
ControlTalk Rewind: Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Smart Buildings Smarter. Last Spring Ken and I had the opportunity to interview a couple of very interesting characters, who put a new spin on how to make smart buildings smarter through the use of artificial intelligence. This is next-gen analytics! Dr. Igor Mezic, Ecorithm’s Chief Scientific and Technology Advisor & Co-Founder, and John Morris, VP Marketing and Sales. Ecorithm is able to provide faster and more accurate results that other analytics companies, and why Ecorithm’s SaaS is necessary for the entire lifetime of the system.


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