ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for Week Ending Oct 30, 2016

ControlTalk NOW — Smart Buildings VideoCast|PodCast for week ending Oct 30, 2016 features interviews with three industry experts: Ken Sinclair, owner and editor of Automated Buildings; Josh Bradshaw, Silicon Valley’s tech-tracking guru; and Fearless Phil Zito, author and editor of Building Automation Monthly. Take a look at OPTERGY’s Aurora and Proton solutions — Building Management has become a whole lot easier; Belimo’s up-coming webinar on their smart butterfly valve technology; John Sublett, Tridium’s CTO, interviews ControlTrends; and Mike Marston reviews EasyIO’s Sedona based FG-32+ architecture. Please note, the nomination period for the 2016 ControlTrends Awards is well underway! This is your opportunity to nominate your favorite products, solutions, vendors, technical support people and executives.

Ken FeaturedControlTrends’ first guest is Ken Sinclair, owner and editor Ken continues his inquiry concerning the impacts of IoT and self-machine learning in the BAS world, as well as the rapidity of change that is circling the building automation industry. Is our HVAC industry preparing itself for the explosive and disruptive evolution or will it get hit broadside? If you still need convincing that major changes are afoot, be sure to review the attention-getters and direct links to Ken’s references and articles.

optergy1Optergy — Dedicated to the Business of Managing Buildings, Facilities and Enterprises. Optergy is a technology company dedicated to improving the business of managing facilities with tools to improve efficiency, performance and processes, whilst providing key stakeholders with the information and reporting to make informed strategic decisions. Combining these systems improves the way our clients go about their business. This can be as simple as having a single interface to view their sub systems, or monitoring progress against budget.

belimo_butterflyThe New Belimo Butterfly Valve—Advanced Technology for High Flow Applications. The New Belimo Butterfly Valve: Join us to learn about the newly designed butterfly valve and actuator assembly that is the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high flow solution in the HVAC market. Highlights include patent pending self-adjusting end stop algorithm to ensure zero leakage, Near Field Communication (NFC) for easy troubleshooting, commissioning, and programming, and brushless DC motor technology that reduces energy consumption by up to 80%.

JoshControlTrends’ second guest is Josh Bradshaw, who tracks the newest technology coming out of Silicon Valley. Josh’s blog WorkTechWork is the go to place for people interested in the latest IoT technology trends and everything from sustainable energy, wearable technologies, smart homes, and smart buildings. Josh Bradshaw’s mantra is “Don’t work for technology… make technology work for you.”

john_sublett1 Tridium’s John Sublett Interviews ControlTrends’ Ken and Eric. Tridium’s Chief Technology Officer, John Sublett turns the tables on ControlTrends with his interview with Ken and Eric. Beginning with how ControlTrends got started, John deftly steers the conversation along the open systems and integration highway, traversing the trends and the new drivers in the industry; the speed and formidability of technology and the blurry lines it creates; and perhaps most importantly, there is a lot of open road and smart building integration opportunity still ahead.

phil-zControlTrends’ third guest is Fearless Phil Zito. One of the sharpest knives in the building automation drawer, Phil is owner and editor of Building Automation Monthly and as Phil promises, “You’ll leave educated!” And, “When it comes to working in the building automation space, no skill stands out more than HVAC. Having a solid understanding of HVAC fundamentals will get you far in the building automation space.”

easyio_archFG-32+ Architecture — All EasyIO Products Run Sedona Framework. EasyIO’s Mike Marston provided ControlTrends with this update: “All EasyIO products run Sedona Framework and Sedona is very much alive. We have 300,000 plus Sedona controllers installed across 40 countries and our new FW14 Wi-Fi mesh controllers also run Sedona. Here is the Sedona Framework deployed in an FG32+:”

cta_logo1-700400Here is Your Official 2016 ControlTrends Awards Nomination Ballot! The nomination period for the 2016 ControlTrends Awards is well underway! This is your opportunity to nominate your favorite products, solutions, vendors, technical support people and executives. Help us recognize the heroes and superstars of our HVAC and Building Automation industry. Nominate those people, products, and solutions that help sustain our industry and make it so important and successful. The top five or six nominees in each category will then be placed on the final voting ballot in December. Please pass this nomination ballot to your co-workers and colleagues! Click here to start the nomination process. Please share this link with your network.


4 Responses

  1. Good stuff as always.

    Interesting about Ken bringing up open source controllers and IoT.

    I agree with his statement about some of the stuff not being fully baked yet. The challenge will continue to be how to get these IoT systems which primarily require distinctive designs, to fit into the construction process.

    That will be the biggest challenge for any IoT company to overcome.

    For example,

    The CANDI gateway looks cool but who will do the data normalization? Not everyone will follow Haystack so how will naming conventions be addressed? Who will oversee the connections and API’s after they have been installed?

    After all, I’ve seen too many sites where API’s get depreciated and then stuff get’s overridden.

    These are all questions that need to be addressed.

    -Phil Zito
    Owner Building Automation Monthly

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