Happy Belated 3D Printing Day! Congress Declares December 3rd “3D Printing Day”

As 3D printing, alias additive manufacturing, becomes more pervasive, when and where will it enter the Building Automation and HVAC industry and how will it impact us? Forget fulfillment centers and overnight shipping, your local distributor will 3D print your parts while you wait. Largest 3D markets so far: commercial and military aircraft parts, GE nozzles, Ford automobile parts, Nike football cleats, jewelry, toys, and dolls. Wonder who will make the first 3D thermostat?

The United States House of Representatives declared December 3, 2017, as the “National Day of 3D Printing.”

The House of Representatives recognizes the economic impact of 3D printing and the positive implications of 3D printing for the United States advanced manufacturing sector and encourages the promotion and celebration of this technology.

The United States is a world leader in advanced manufacturing and has a history of design innovation. Look no further than the work being conducted by AMO’s partners using 3D-printing to reshape manufacturing in the U.S.

Click here to read the official resolution.


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