Tech Tuesday: Catching Up with ACI’s Connor Meloy

I had a chance to chat with Connor Meloy, the COO of ACI (Automation Components Inc.) at the AHR show in Atlanta. Conner tells me about a cool new product, the ECM current switch, that is designed to work specifically with EMC motors.

ACI ECMCS split-core current switches are designed for use in electronically commutated motor (ECM) applications in which you are looking for status for a particular piece of equipment. ECMs have a unique operating profile that includes a small standby current when the motor is powered but not actively spinning compared to no current draw of traditional PSC motors. The ECMCS switches do not require external power, since the power for the current switch is induced from the conductor being monitored. ACI’s ECMCS switch has an adjustable trip level to set the desired trip level for proper motor status indication in most ECM applications. ACI offers a calibration tool that will help assist the installation process by implementing a visual indication of the state of the output switch to the installer. The ECM current switch can be secured to the monitored cable using a cable tie and the integrated cable tie anchor feature of the housing. The ECMCS switch also comes with an attachable mounting foot that allows the unit to be mounted in any position using one Tek screw or snapped directly on a 35mm DIN rail.


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