Light Litter is Costing 2 Billion Dollars a Year

Light Litter, a term Ken Smyers coined, wastes two billion dollars a year in energy. What is Light Litter? Light Litter is when you have a beautiful sunny day and outside lights are still on. To see examples of light litter you can go to The Green Marines Facebook Page. If you see examples of Light Litter, please go to The Green Marines Facebook Page and upload a picture.Change starts with awareness, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Reach out to your local politician and ask them to stop Light Litter. this is a problem the HVAC and Smart Buildings Control Community can easily solve. In this video, Ken reaches out to Peter Greisinger from Intermatic to learn about the easy to use affordable lighting timers and controls that Intermatic has to eliminate light litter.


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  1. Hi Guy’s, Thank goodness some else is now talking about this issue. For at least 7 years I have spoken many times about the how often when I visit someone’s facility/office in the world, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and as you enter the building you look to see all the lights whether LED or not on at 100%. Its a criminal waste of energy and frankly reflects poorly on the business occupying the space in terms of the attention to detail. So whether I am a potential client, supplier or future employee or other stake holder to said occupying business, should I really be planning to do business or invest my future career with them, if they can’t even effectively control the blindingly obvious?

    That’s why smart IoT lighting controls are important on so many levels!

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