Episode 320 ControlTalk NOW — The HVAC and Smart Building Controls VideoCast and Podcast is Hosted by Marc Petock! Eric’s gone Missing in Nashville

Marc Petock hosts Episode 320 ControlTalk NOW live from Nashville, TN at the 2019 Realcomm|IBcon Conference with very special guests:  Steven Anson, VP Marketing, Anixter; Kendall Anderson, Marketing and Public Relationship Manager, FSG; and Pook-Ping Yao, CEO, Optigo Networks. Listen in and watch, as these industry experts share their take-aways from this record setting event.

Celebrating 21 years of extraordinary success, Team Realcomm has done it again.  Through unparalleled networking, relentless initiative and innovation, and sheer professional horse power, Jim Young, Howard Berger, Lisa Woods, and Team Realcomm have generated THE  Number One Intelligent Buildings Conference in the world.

Conversation included how owners are profiling Smart Building Controls Master System Integrators, and how they are learning to  specify the MSI role before the project is bid to protect their Smart Buildings interests.  It is a must watch video for anyone wanting to be successful in today’s evolving building automation market.

Ken and I are in Nashville to cover RealComm|IBcon for our ControlTrends Community. Preparing for the Ultimate Smart Buildings Conference got me thinking. What is the one thing that building owners need to know to make sure they maximize their Smart Building Controls investment ? Open. The Building Automation Control System must be open.

ControlTrends Community — not to worry! Always willing to go the extra mile, Eric was found a short while after this recording, working diligently — gathering empirical data from various intelligent building bar stools located along both sides of Broadway Street. 

In case you missed it...


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